Vintage Crochet Christmas Decorations: Carolers

While nosing around the web today I found this site with several patterns for crochet christmas decorations. I fell in love with this set of carolers:

Crochet Christmas Decorations

Vintage Crochet Christmas Decorations: Carolers


I think these would be a perfect decoration for the table where you place Santa’s cookies. Or maybe for the mantelpiece, right above the stockings. Or for a window facing the street. Okay, I can see these carolers pretty much everywhere. I guess that is the mark of a good Christmas decoration.

One thing I noticed from reading the pattern: it recommends working in the back loop only. This results in the series of ridges that are very clear in the photograph above (look at the dog, for example). Although I think that this method creates a nice texture for the clothing, I think the ridges look odd on the faces. You could crochet in both loops for the face, hands, and dog and have a more satisfactory result, in my humble opinion.

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I am a crochet designer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Although I love all types of crochet, the focus of my design work is amigurumi and toys.
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