Thread Crochet Christmas Village

Thread crochet can be used for more than just doilies. With size 10 crochet cotton, some beads, and a few accessories from your local dollhouse miniatures store you can make an entire crochet Christmas village! These whimsical villages take full advantage of the sculptural properties of crochet, with the help of a liberal application of fabric stiffener of course.

I found three books of patterns for thread crochet Christmas villages (images of two are shown below), and for some reason the pieces are always white. I think this is a missed opportunity. There are so many colors of size 10 cotton available that these little buildings could really pop.

These lilliputian villages could grace a mantelpiece or dress up a book shelf. Ready to take it to the next level?Hobby shops that sell model railroad supplies will sell small-scale landscaping supplies like ground cover, shrubbery, and tiny trees. Building a mini landscape would be a unique and comment-provoking backdrop. You may even be able to find little people to live in your village – I am estimating that miniature people in HO or N scale would be the right size.

crochet Christmas village

crochet Christmas village

crochet Christmas village

Crochet Christmas Villages


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I am a crochet designer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Although I love all types of crochet, the focus of my design work is amigurumi and toys.
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