Snark Attack! Granny Square Edition

Any craft that has been around for over a century will have racked up its share of hits and misses.  Even the most ardent fan of crochet has to admit that crochet has been responsible for some grievous crimes against humanity.  In my Snark Attack! series, I will showcase some of the best of the worst that I have found.

Since it is Granny Square Week here at Crochet Empire, I turned my eye toward the fabulous handmade fashions of the ‘70’s.  The 1970’s are a treasure trove of truly terrible treats.  Feast your eyes on these beauties…

“Oops, I dropped my pepper spray. Don’t want to forget that. The pervs will be all over me in this sexy belted cardigan.”

“I wear this when I’m rollin’ wit my homies.”

The pattern called this a “vintage tea apron”. I call it a yarn chastity belt.

“Fine, honey, I take it back. Maybe you don’t need a hobby.”

Faster than a souped-up Rascal, more powerful than a pair of support hose, able to trip over a cat in a single stumble…it’s Super Granny, the world’s first geriatric super hero! Her first villain: The Constipator!

Marianne’s attempt to quench her husband’s overactive libido did not have the desired effect.

About Erich

I am a crochet designer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Although I love all types of crochet, the focus of my design work is amigurumi and toys.
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One Response to Snark Attack! Granny Square Edition

  1. Jo says:

    Wow, these are… wow. Yarn chastity belt, lol! So funny!

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